Avtec Multi Story Dormitories

The Stratford Building Corporation Advantage

Shorter time to occupancy, greater cost certainty, innovative design, high quality construction and sustainability are some of the major benefits of utilizing Stratford Building Corporation’s modular construction approach for your project. Additional advantages include:

  • Reduced delays associated with weather.

  • Dry and controlled off-site modular construction facilities ensures quality control and improved project supervision.

  • Environmentally friendly reductions in material waste, air and water pollution, dust and noise, and fewer material deliveries.

  • Significant time savings as modules are built off-site while work occurs simultaneously on-site.

  • Shorter construction time frame means better cost certainty.

  • Faster time to occupancy.

  • Smoother project crew scheduling.

  • Reduced dependence and efficient scheduling of sub-trades.

  • Ideal strategy for building in remote areas, areas with short construction seasons, and areas with severe labor shortages.

  • High quality and consistency.

  • Highly experienced, committed on-staff work force.

  • More efficient use of capital.

  • Enhanced code inspection and observation processes.

  • High-volume production using modern and efficient modular manufacturing equipment.

  • Safer work environment.

  • In-house engineering and design teams for hands-on construction support.