Advantages of Systems-Built Modular Government Administrative Office Buildings

  • Experience working with local, state and federal agencies
  • Experience dealing with specifications, product submittables, and product approvals.
  • Understand the process of working with government agencies.
  • Successfully completed projects with Native American Tribes, Municipalities, US Department of Agriculture and the Forest Service.
  • Quick, affordable and customized to meet customer needs.
  • Single or multistory configurations.
  • Easily expanded or modified, to accommodate future building needs and provide fast and cost-effective commercial building space.
  • Turnkey project management.
  • In-house design and engineering professionals who work effectively with architects, designers and contracting engineering or design firms.
  • Climate-controlled factory environment for year-round production eliminates weather delays and site complications.
  • Meet or exceed building code regulations including a rigorous inspection process.
  • On-staff experts utilizing Energy Star or LEED certification.

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