Project Description

Project Name: J. Herman Reuben National Resources Building

Project Location: Lapwai, ID

Building Type: Administrative Offices

Number of Modules and Square Footage: Phase I 8 modules consisting of 6,500 sf, Phase II 4 modules at 3,600 sf

Factory Fabrication Time: Phase I 35 days, Phase II 24 days

Site Completion Time to Occupancy: Phase I: 42 Days after module placement

Phase II: 30 Days after module placement

Details: Stratford under contract to The Nez Perce Indian Tribe Department of Natural Resources undertook complete contractual scope to design, fabricate and provide all site civil construction inclusive of module envelope completion for initial “Phase I” work in 2004.

Due to department’s growth and resultant space needs a “Phase II” addition to the original building was contracted by Stratford in 2010. The scope of work that Stratford undertook for Phase II essentially mirrored the 2004 work with emphasis to replicate exterior appearance of Phase I original building.

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