Project Description

Project Name: Mountain West Bank

Project Location: Ione, WA

Building Type: Bank

Number of Modules and Square Footage: 3 Modules comprising 2,816 sf

Factory Fabrication Time: 27 Days

Site Completion Time to Occupancy: 42 Days after module placement

Details: A complete design/build project undertaken by Stratford. Client had to maintain banking operations from existing building on confined site until occupancy was made available in new branch bank building.

Stratford took responsibility for all site civil work along with bringing to occupancy new building. Significant to project was “historical” teller line that client wanted incorporated into the structure. Teller line was removed from existing facility modified and refinished then installed in modules at Stratford factory.

Banking operations were transferred to new branch building over a weekend which allowed the branch not to miss one day of business. Subsequent to this move the existing building was demolished which made way for completion of curbing and customer parking lot.

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